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Last summer I worked on a great film coming out soon. As Vocal Coach, I worked with Keira Knightley and Adam Levine. I THINK YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! Both my kids happen to be in it as well.  It’s the latest film from writer-director John Carney (ONCE), BEGIN AGAIN is a soul-stirring comedy about what happens when lost souls meet and make beautiful music together. Gretta (Keira Knightley) and her long-time boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine) are college sweethearts and songwriting partners who decamp for New York when he lands a deal with a major label. But the trappings of his new-found fame soon tempt Dave to stray, and a reeling,... Read the rest

Last Vegas

Last Vegas Movie and Roger

Roger helped actress  with her singing in the new hit movie. The reviews have been great and Mary sounds terrific. For more info go to http://lastvegasmovie.com  


Harvard University and Roger

Roger was the keynote speaker for the 2013 Harvard Leadership Conference. He spoke to about 600 of the top minds in the world. You can watch the video at: http://youtu.be/BZRkJKGcHNc  

Check out the article about voice coaches in www.grammy.com. I think you'll find it very interesting. Here's the link: http://www.grammy.com/news/vocal-coaches-help-singers-find-their-voice


Check out the new article featuring Roger: http://www.grammy.com/news/vocal-coaches-help-singers-find-their-voice



I have been working for over two years to bring you the absolute best online singing academy possible. You’ll feel like you are here at my studio in Hollywood with me. I’ll take you step by step through everything you need to learn to become the singer you’ve always dreamed you could be. Do you want to be a professional singer? – GREAT, this is for you. Do you just want to have amazing amounts of fun singing? – This is for you. Do you feel like you can’t sing? Well YOU CAN   http://www.rogerlovesingingacademy.com

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